To Preserve The Battlefield As The Veterans Consecrated It

Why is PNB concentrating on expanding their holdings when the core of the battlefield is so threatened? Here are earthworks which could use some PNB care, signage, presence but suffer from neglect.

What are concerned citizens doing?

Fort Gregg - Fort Fisher Today

Veteran's Day, 2004

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Concerned citizens met on Veteran's Day for the purpose of planning the fundraising and placement of Virginia Civil War Trails, etc. signs on Flank and Defense Roads starting at Fort Alexander Hays. Their vision is at least 8 signs for this initiative. We really didn't talk about numbers - one to start would be great. We have about $300 to start. The cost is $2700 each. VA CW Trails program which is funded by the State, etc., and contributes a like amount for each sign. These have
perpetual care and as many directional signs as required along the road. In addition, significant Civil War Trails travel brochures are placed around the country, and are updated periodically with new sign placement so the traveler to Virginia knows where all the sites are located. Great Program.

This being the effort by "Friends of the Petersburg Battlefield" it is a 501.C3 Non Profit venture. As you may have seen, Neil and Bill had placed articles in Oct and Nov. Civil War News in reference to the Battlefield problems and to advertise this effort.

We can get serious about "shaking the bushes" for some funding now!

Bill and Neil are members of our local Sons of Union Veterans organization.
They have 63rd NY and IL ties. Bill's ancestor fought IL at Confederate Fort Gregg and Neil's ancestor held the line in '64 at the "fish hook" near Union Fort Gregg and near Ft Fisher.

North Wall of Fort Fisher which faces Fort Gregg and the "Fall of Petersburg." From here the signal came to attack.

Looking East at Fort Fisher. Now we know they are capable of clearing some "maintenance backlog."

Think about! "Death In The Trenches." Interior of Fort Fisher.

Union Fort Fisher Interior and Exterior walls. Facing South this is the East side clip of the Interior and Exterior of Fort

NPS sign, at Confederate Fort Gregg, still owned by the National Park Service, showing the lack of maintenance.

Fort Gregg Today (2003)

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Flank and Defense Roads Today (2003)

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Views along Defense Road (2002)


Battery 45 (Fort Lee) is part of the former NPS holdings on Defense Road. It also includes a UCV monument. Very close to Fort Gregg and the Fall of Petersburg.


Fort Alexander Hayes today


Current Views Along Flank Road (2002)


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